Reindeer husbandry is a traditional way of life that has significant economic and cultural importance for a number of indigenous peoples. The reindeer also holds noteworthy appeal in the tourism industry in the north and is one of Lapland’s best-known brands. Finland’s reindeer husbandry area is located in the northernmost part of the European Union where four distinct seasons denote the pace of life. Reindeer husbandry is a socially sustainable livelihood that provides a living for a large number of people residing in the northern regions.

Reindeer hides and leather have traditionally been used in the making of a number of handicrafts, decorative items, and for making clothing and footwear. A reindeer hide is an ethical and ecological natural material.

Decorative reindeer hides are used in interior design for private homes, holiday homes, restaurants, hotels and experience destinations. A reindeer hide provides the finishing touches for interior decoration by adding cosiness, closeness with nature and ambient warmth. A reindeer hide is also ideal as a seat warmer around a campfire, barbecue shelter, as well as on toboggans and sleds, which is where the reindeer hide has traditionally been used.

028A reindeer hide is a natural product of the Arctic. For centuries the reindeer has been used for making food, clothing and décor. The correct timing for collecting reindeer hides is a vital starting point for ensuring good quality.

With careful and skillful handling, the reindeer hide will become a quality end product. Preparation requires long experience and true expertise. Each decorative reindeer hide has been through a thorough inspection before selling.

Reindeer leather as a material used in the making of clothing and accessories is durable and soft. This is why many of the world’s luxury brands have discovered reindeer leather and prefer the use of reindeer leather in the making of exclusive products. It is no wonder, as reindeer leather is a luxurious raw material, yet very practical, and it provides the label of Arctic uniqueness for top design products. The limited availability and sources for this raw material also further increase its interest and appeal.

As there is a limited number of reindeer hides available, the importance of quality is emphasized throughout the entire acquisition and production chain. We feel proud to be able to provide this unique feature of nature and represent the old traditions of the Arctic region that live on to this day.

Factory image 2 – reindeer hides prepared by Pokka Reindeer Hides